End of Year Wrap-Up

As the 2021 year ends, current goals are also coming to a close as many people are starting to ponder what 2022 will bring in. This also means the holiday season is quickly ending, I asked a few members of the Cohen team what their work and personal goals were to complete this year and being able to connect with the team to finding out their next steps turned out to be a fantastic learning experience.

Samantha Burckhard, Marketing Coordinator, says, “One of my goals was to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something different as far as my career. This led me to Cohen Commercial starting as Reception/Marketing Assistant and now Marketing Coordinator.”

Caroline Keating, Operations Assistant, replied, “Work related – Continue working on procedure binders for every department in order to make the learning process smoother for new employees and gain a better understanding for myself of how each department works.” Keating’s personal goal is to practice her recipe development skills by taking more time to carefully measure and write out recipes she makes up so others can recreate them.

Longtime Associate, Remington Phillips, has fitness and health goals he plans on closing out the year with the goal “to practice better habits and gain 5-10 pounds!”

Cohen Commercial Office Assistant, Blake Prolow, could not pick just two. He expressed interest in “picking a college where I will be happy; finding ways to better my communication skills through writing; and consistently break 90 in golf.”

However you choose to round out the year, our team at Cohen Commercial wishes you a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!