A Summer of Surprises

I think it is fair to say that the idea of being a receptionist is more mundane than most jobs; as that was my perspective before joining the team at Cohen Commercial Realty. After just wrapping up my freshman year at Clemson University, I knew it was time to start gaining professional experience, and CCR welcomed me with open arms. Not only have I been able to work in an extremely fast-paced, professional environment, but I have gained invaluable lessons about the importance of building relationships amongst coworkers and the positive influence that radiates throughout the workplace.

Every week is something exciting at CCR— I learned that quickly when in my first month the Cohens invited the team into their home for a Vegas themed office party with multiple casino tables, a luxurious raffle, and food for a whole village. It was the extension of their home and hospitality that truly instilled a feeling of family amongst a firm of hard-working individuals motivated by the success of this long-established firm. That is just the tip of the iceberg; the Cohens constantly provide their team with everything it takes to make their office feel like home— a baker’s dozen of bagels every Monday, an unlimited supply of k-cups and creamer, and office happy hours in their legendary lounge space.

While I thought I entered this summer job for the working experience, little did I know I would be getting to learn the secret to success that CCR possesses— the meticulous detail instilled by Bryan and Karen towards making each employee feel valued on top of their exciting work atmosphere. When work is produced in an environment that encourages humor, friendship, family and support, only success will follow.

On top of the clerical duties I perform as receptionist, I am also the Marketing Assistant, overseen by Jenna Moilanen. Jenna has allowed me to expand my skills by taking over the Cohen Blog, and that has improved my writing skills exponentially. Karen Cohen is not only Chief Operator, but an incredibly talented writer; as she graduated from Florida State University with a degree in English her guidance has allowed me to see what it is like to produce articles like this on the professional level. Whether I am posting on the CCR Instagram, writing a new blog, distributing mail or taking and transferring calls, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer anywhere else. As my time at CCR slowly comes to an end, I am comforted by the relationships I have formed with the team and a newfound place to call home.