Optimism Abounds In Sunshine State

Florida’s staggering 2.8 percent unemployment rate two years out from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic stems from corporate and retail expansions particularly in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, whose combined net retail absorption totaled 4.6 million square feet last year, almost 66 percent more than in pre-pandemic 2019. With the imbalance of supply and demand, Florida sustains high levels of rent growth.

 Beth Azor, CEO of shopping center owner Azor Advisory Service, says, “That even if a recession is imminent, Florida, and in particular South Florida, has enough tenant demand to overcome any foreseeable obstacles…I think we are going to be insulated; I see my tenant sales, I see the huge demand, I see the lack of supply because nobody is developing,” says Azor.

Another key factor to Florida’s “insulation” is population growth which continues to explode, up 15.9 percent from April 2020 to June 2021 as well as exceeding 20 million residents, making it the 3rd most populous state behind California and Texas.

With high demands and low supplies, Florida is able to insulate themselves from a lingering recession and avoid the effects of nationwide inflation. Read more about new developments in Florida’s market here.

Seacoast to Acquire Professional Bank in Deal Valued at $488 Million

Seacoast Bank Corporation of Florida is set to acquire Professional Bank, one of South Florida’s largest community banks to close in the first quarter of 2023. Professional Holding Corporation is the parent company of the Coral Gables-based Professional Bank. Professional Bank holds nine locations across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Both banks have similar cultures and shared business values related to underwriting, credit culture, and customer-focus. Seacoast Bank maintains $10.8 billion in assets and $9.2 billion in deposits as of June 30, making Seacoast the largest community bank in South Florida. The acquisition of Professional Bank will accelerate their growth as they expand in the South Florida market.

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Commercial Real Estate– Buy, Sell or Hold?

There’s no denying the commercial real estate market has been reaching peak production since 2021; however, discussion circles whether we have ridden this wave of success for too long. As a real estate investor, you may be asking yourself whether you should buy, sell, or hold. Well, this is nothing short of a conundrum in the world of real estate, and luckily we have history to guide us on how we should best approach the waters of this current market.

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