Versace Makes Palm Beach Debut: A Glamorous Entry to Worth Avenue

Versace has unveiled its first-ever store in Palm Beach, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s 45-year legacy. The Italian luxury fashion house opened its doors to a 2,790-square-foot store at 243 Worth Ave. in November, introducing a touch of opulence to the prestigious Palm Beach retail scene. Positioned among other luxury businesses and boutiques on Worth Avenue, Versace’s debut adds an extra layer of glamour to this iconic shopping destination.

Occupying an 8,523-square-foot retail property constructed in 1925, Versace has made its home in a space that exudes vintage charm. The property has a rich history — acquired for $7.1 million in December 1997, it has undergone a transformation from its previous owner, who purchased it for $9.95 million in January 1989.

Versace’s expansion into Palm Beach is reflective of its global presence, boasting 160 retail stores worldwide. Additionally, Versace products are distributed to more than 200 boutiques and 1,500 wholesalers across the globe. The brand’s journey, initiated by fashion designer Gianni Versace in 1978, saw a significant chapter in February 2014 when the New York-based Blackstone Group acquired a 20% stake in the Versace Group. Subsequently, Michael Kors Limited acquired the entire company for approximately $2.12 billion four years later. Today, Versace stands as part of Capri Holdings Limited, a prominent fashion house that includes Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo.

Versace’s entry into Palm Beach signifies not just the brand’s dedication to broadening its presence but also underscores the appeal of Worth Avenue as a sought-after destination for upscale retail. In Palm Beach, where retail rents carry a premium, the town’s average listed rent was notably higher compared to the broader Palm Beach County, emphasizing the exclusivity and desirability associated with this upscale locale.

While Palm Beach County enjoys its status as a luxury retail hub, Versace’s arrival on Worth Avenue adds a new layer of sophistication to an already glamorous destination. As the iconic brand continues to shape the fashion landscape, its Palm Beach debut is sure to become a cornerstone in the evolving narrative of luxury and style in South Florida.