Purchase of Miami Beach office building for $93M Stirs Controversy

Florida residents, you may be familiar with Lincoln Road in Miami, but are you aware that a 118,658 square-foot office building is soon to be purchased in close proximity? Two development groups led by Don Peebles and Integra Investments have promising plans for the future development of this property, but what does that mean for those residing in Miami? Well, if you’re looking for office space, retail space, or an apartment, then you’re in luck. 

Lidia Dinkova from The Real Deal states that, “The plan is for 80,000 square feet of offices on three stories, 43 market-rate apartments on two floors and 9,500 square feet of ground-floor retail.” The market is hot right now, and Florida continues to commercially develop before our eyes. Increased commerce leaves us with more options both business and pleasure wise, but is that what’s best considering the recent shift of more people working at home since COVID-19?

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