Matthew Sifrit

Property Manager
P: 561-421-8827
C: 561-635-3037


Mr. Sifrit prefers actions with tangible results rather than promises and words. While upholding the basic principles of property management, Mr. Sifrit prides himself on remaining focused on producing top quality results through planning and goal-setting. A team leader, Mr. Sifrit works tirelessly to streamline the path to successful results and client satisfaction.

Mr. Sifrit is originally from a small town in Ohio and has been a resident of south Florida since 2010. Upon graduating from Wright State University in 2006, Mr. Sifrit's professional career began in residential leasing and property management. With now more than 11 years of experience in commercial leasing and property management, Mr. Sifrit is an integral part of the Cohen Commercial Management team.

Mr. Sifrit lives with his two cats and a Chihuahua, and he enjoys socializing with friends in his personal time.